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Tony Menzie is an Australian artist, illustrator and graphic novelist, mostly known for his detailed commission work, his upcoming creator owned series Fallen, and dynamic cover art for a variety of comic titles; including The Wrath of the Cursed by Matt Kyme and Bronwyn by Zac George.


Tony works full time as a freelance voice actor, video producer and writer, producing content and recording voiceovers for a myriad of TV, radio and video productions throughout Australia since the 1990s, while freelancing for art clients during his down time.

He specialises in digital artwork, primarily portraits and comic covers. His clients hire him for his vibrant, versatile style, and praise his communication and professionalism. Tony’s freelance projects have ranged from: comic covers and full page illustrations, portraits, caricatures, storyboards for television commercials, to stylised re-creations of family photos and realistic illustrations of pop culture icons from the past and present.


Tony loves to express himself through his art, conveying story, mood and emotion through a range of techniques and manipulation of colour, light and shadow.

You can find more of his artwork via the gallery links above and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via the links below.

ABC Radio Interview 2018

Interview on ABC Radio 2018 -tony-menzie-at-ai-con-2.m
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